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A list of PCB manufacturers and fabrication board companies.

pcb manufacturer listpritned circuit board

I thought that it would be helpful to list a few good PCB manufacturers that we have dealt with currently and in the past with reviews. These PCB suppliers are actual printed circuit board manufacturers and not PCB brokers (which is important). Hopefully, this will be a pretty extensive list as we continue to do research and review PCB companies, but please let us know if you have any strong suggestions that we are missing. Also, please let us know if any of these manufactures have gone out of business since putting this list up. Cheers!

PCB Suppliers (USA)

Rigid Manufacturers

USA pcb board houses are usually meant for companies that require a prototype to medium production quantities at a quick turnaround or need ITAR certified boards.

Flex and Rigid-flex Circuit Manufacturers

PCB Assembly / Contract Manufacturing

PCB Suppliers (China)

Chinese shops are usually intended for production quantities or if you don't have any quick turnaround requirements and you are looking for the cheapest possible circuit price. Be careful with chinese shops when it comes to quality and intellectual property. If mission-critical, make sure you pay extra for the electrical testing. It will be worth it.

Note: Although we have had success and/or failure with the various printed circuit board manufacturers listed above, it doesn't mean that you will have the same experience. We do not take any responsbility if you have a bad experience. Now, if you have a good epxerience, feel free to give us a shout... :-)

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